Style Mutt Dog Grooming


GroomingYour dog will experience a cage-free environment during the grooming session. 
 One-on-one attention given by one groomer from start to finish. 
Personal one-on-one conversation between the groomer and customer on specific grooming instructions as well as the pet's personality, health, etc...
Appointments are made at interval times so that one family of dogs are groomed together during this time alone.  If you have a dog that does not like other dogs or has anxiety while being crated, this is the place for you.  A stress-free environment for your dog to experience.
Grooming services at Style Mutt include:  Bathing, Brushing, de-shedding treatments, nails clipped and filed, ears cleaned, pads cleaned, haircuts and shave downs..  All dogs are hand dried and brushed out... we do not use cage drying.unnameds
Special shampoos such as flea, oatmeal and medicated are on hand at the request of the customer or may be suggested by the groomer at no extra cost.
All dogs are welcomed at Style Mutt from the smallest to the largest of all breeds.  We have done them all....
Grooming is by appointment may call us at 440-409-0454 for more information.