At Style Mutt Dog Boutique your dog will experience special attention given by one of our professional groomers.

 Starting with a personal “one-on-one” consultation between you and the groomer, everything from specific grooming instructions as well as your pet's personality and health will be covered.

Appointments can be made so that a family of dogs is groomed together. If you have a dog that does not like other dogs or has anxiety please let your groomer know.


Best Pet grooming in Cleveland



Grooming services at Style Mutt Boutique include:

  • Bathing,
  • Brushing
  • De-shedding treatments
  • Nails clipped or Dremeled
  • Ears cleaned
  • Custom haircuts

Special shampoos such as flea, oatmeal and medicated are available at your request. Treatments may also be suggested by the groomer.

We have a custom “flat bed” shower for larger breeds or dogs with mobility problems. This shower is only six inches off the floor and will accommodate the largest of breeds.

All dogs are welcomed at Style Mutt Dog Boutique from the smallest to the largest, we have done them all....

We groom Monday-Saturday by appointment only. Please call 440 409 0454 for rates and an appointment.